Many emotions today. The “tick tock” of our time on this Earth is heavy, a gong in my heart I can no longer ignore, but still hurts to acknowledge. What weighs most heavily on me aren't my own shortcomings: The inspirations I’ve ignored, the leaps of faith I’ve failed to take. No, it’s the thoughts of the dangers my child will face as this world continues to warm, becomes less livable, more stressed, less predictable. 

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Seth Lorinczi
Devo's "Satisfaction"

Many fine artists began turning in covers of “Satisfaction” soon after it was released. But nearly 15 years later, it would be Devo—a surreal, puzzling and unabashedly geeky band from Akron, Ohio—that would truly own it. Unsatisfied with simply stripping down the Stones’ four-chord stomper, Devo instead plunged the song into a vat of caustic industrial waste. 

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