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Many emotions today. The “tick tock” of our time on this Earth is heavy, a gong in my heart I can no longer ignore, but still hurts to acknowledge. What weighs most heavily on me aren't my own shortcomings: The inspirations I’ve ignored, the leaps of faith I’ve failed to take. No, it’s the thoughts of the dangers my child will face as this world continues to warm, becomes less livable, more stressed, less predictable. 

I am frightened.

I think about the closing days of WWII, when my grandfather was taken to a frigid warehouse on the outskirts of Budapest. It was only the desperate bluster of his son—my future father, still a teenager—that saved him from a miserable death there. 

We are all given the lives we are given, and the times in which they occur. 
We are facing an abyss, led there by a madman without the capacity to love. At this moment, I don’t have much hope we as a nation will come to our senses and change course in time. 

We are all given the lives we are given, and the times in which they occur.

This is true. What is also true is this sunset, this cadre of brilliant girl-children reveling on the soccer pitch in their growing bodies. I have no idea what to do besides trusting in their truth and in their unspoken wisdom. That they will face what comes with ingenuity and with pluck. That they want this life, too.

Seth Lorinczi