Monday evening. Soccer practice brought up complicated emotions, as it always does. The sight of strong young girls cavorting on the pitch, some still young enough to skip as they shag balls that have soared through the yawning and unnetted goalposts. The light fading a few minutes earlier each evening, as though I required a reminder that the world outside this sunlit field becomes a darker, less welcoming place by the day.

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Devo's "Satisfaction"

Many fine artists began turning in covers of “Satisfaction” soon after it was released. But nearly 15 years later, it would be Devo—a surreal, puzzling and unabashedly geeky band from Akron, Ohio—that would truly own it. Unsatisfied with simply stripping down the Stones’ four-chord stomper, Devo instead plunged the song into a vat of caustic industrial waste. 

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