Creative Nonfiction

Published work. Some pieces are excerpts from a book-length project tracing the lines of my family lineage through lenses of anti-Semitism, the World Wars and the Holocaust.

  • The Train Bomber”: A 2400-word (roughly 11-minute read) essay on a bizarre crime spree in the 1930s that inadvertently helped fuel Central Europe’s turn towards authoritarianism.

  • Grief, Gratitude and Greatness”: A 40-minute podcasted conversation with Sarah Shaoul, creator and host of the Portland podcast. The topics range a bit, but are largely centered upon my work in progress, from which the essays below are excerpted, 2019.

  • In the Stacks”: 5000-word (roughly 18-minute) essay on finding my way as a young person through punk records, Entropy Magazine, 2018

  • Who Won the War?”: 3700-word (roughly 14-minute) essay on lasting echoes of the Holocaust as glimpsed through the suicide of a survivor, Eclectica, 2018

  • Cooking From the Heart”: 800-word (roughly 3-minute) essay on lessons learned through cooking for my terminally ill father, San Francisco Chronicle, 1997