Music About Music

I’ve been a musician my entire life, and I’ve occasionally been fortunate enough to take part in some inspired collaborations.

These days, I find I’m in a dormant period. I’m not sure what, if anything, my musical future holds. But I did want a place for some of the better bits from the past to live. And so here you are.

Burned Girl

I wrote, recorded and produced the music for this short (5-minute) doc on life-changing surgeries for the disfigured in the developing world. It’s a moving, and incredible story.

My goal was to make the music a bit rough and strange, not exactly traditional Indian but a little how I imagine a village band might play folk music.

Secret Drum Band - DaDaDa

I mixed this song for Secret Drum Band, a fascinating and inspired project spearheaded by Lisa Schonberg and Allan Wilson. The mix was challenging, as by the time I got it, the central drum tracks had been submixed to two stereo stems, one of them very compressed and the other extremely compressed.

By using parallel processing, picking off distinct drum parts and frequency bands, and then using reverb and delay to build a sense of a physical space, I was able to make what I believe is a more compelling and dynamic piece of music. Excellent video by the talented Liz Vaughn.

This Golden Afternoon

My own psych-rock project with my everything-partner Julianna Bright. We recorded this in 2007 when Julianna was pregnant with our daughter. It’s a bit rough in places, but it was a special time and a special record for us.

Blue Baby

I joined Circus Lupus in the Summer of 1991, and played with the band until we dissolved in the Spring of 1993. It’s difficult to recall the confused young person I was then, but this track from our first of two albums is a high point for me.