Writing About Audio Gear

One of my hobbies is restoring old audio gear. Here are the stories of a few of the (mostly discarded) pieces of ancient junk…erm, I mean, precious artifacts I’ve patched up and sent on their way.

Restoring the Elusive Sony C-57

It’s rare that a fixit job makes me feel like a rock star, but this one made me feel invincible, at least for about an hour or so. A friend—and occasional client—brought in a pair of beautiful Sony C-57 tube mics for rehabilitation. As far as I can glean, they use some of the same components as their highly regarded C-37A, but in a slim sculpted housing reminiscent of the Shure 300 series of the mid-50s.

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Tale of the Tannoy

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for stray dogs of a certain sort. Occasionally, that includes actual stray dogs (I live with one).

But in this case, I’m talking about discarded or otherwise trashed audio gear. I just cannot leave an old, cool–well, come to think of it often completely UNCOOL–piece of gear to the trash heap. So when this old Tannoy ribbon mic came across my transom, I was even more excited than usual.

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I Love Trash

Not long ago, a 1960s Silvertone electric reed organ appeared on a parking strip not far from my house. It gives me perverse pride that at least two unaffiliated parties saw it and made a conscious choice to withhold its location from me, either to protect my family from my rampant junk-collecting or to prevent my studio from becoming even more utterly clogged. But not even my friends’ altruistic natures could keep me from a discarded vintage musical instrument. I took it home and began disassembling it to find out what could be done with it.

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